Ashley Loftus
My name is Ashley Loftus. I love sketching, cooking, reading, makeup and many other things. I love to be in comfy clothes with a messy bun after a long day. I love to let my creative and artist juices flow and create beautiful things and everything is carrying over into my photography. My love for photography continues to grow and I’m working everyday to improve my skills through extreme learning situations that will test my every skill. But to-do lists and planners are my thing. You will most likely see me behind the scenes at photo shoots making sure everything goes smooth, but more and more will find me in front of the scenes rocking the lens!

Tausha Barney
My name is Tausha Barney. I'm a southern Utah girl who loves photography, breathing in fresh mountain air, cuddling on the couch with my honey, and spending time with friends and family! Oh, don't forget strawberry cheesecake ice cream from Dairy Queen... I love that stuff!!! My love for photography started while I was in high school shooting family and friends and I couldn't get enough. So, I decided to make this a full time gig. I love capturing life's precious moments for everyone to hold on to forever. These are times we all can look back on, cherish forever and never ever forget! They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that's what I try and capture with every shot I take! We will laugh, smile, and have the time of our lives together because I want everyone to feel like family when they shoot with me! Let's make memories together and let me capture your love and passion in every photo! 

I'm so excited you're here! I am a Southern Utah based photographer, but I love to travel the world. I specialize in weddings, portrait, and senior photography! I love love love seeing your passion and deep feelings for your family and friends. I love to see your story, and write it in picture form.

Tausha Leann Photography
Officially started in 2016, with the background and experience of 5+ years doing photography of all sorts, our desire for life and love continues to grow as the days go on. We have a passion for capturing real life moments for you to hold on to forever and look back on. You won’t just have photographers when you book with Tausha Leann Photography you will be getting true friends that you will make memories with, and photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Lila Winn
Lover of puppies, photography, and my friends and family I love exploring the world through my lens. I literally take it everywhere with me! From doing fun photoshoots with friends to taking photographs of weddings and families I love being able to express myself and my talents through photography. I also have this weird love for people and meeting new people! I love being able to connect with everyone and meet so many unique and special individuals! I personally love doing senior sessions the most! I feel like I am able to touch them with experiences and am able to make others feel at ease when I am with them since I was just in their shoes! In my spare time I love hanging with my man, working at my dads shop (getting dirty is my thaaaaang) and being outdoors! I am so excited to be able to grow in my love for photography and hopefully be able to show the world that even though I am young, that doesn't mean I can't rock anything I set my mind to!!