This girl can be a worry butt. BUT! It’s not in a bad way at all. Planning her wedding a year+ in advance, this girl is not going to feel overwhelmed, she will be able to make every detail perfect, and everything will turn out just how she plans! 

Goll, I cant even remember when the first time crystal messaged me was, but from day one she and I have hit it off! She is such a hard working and genuine mamma, I can not wait to take every step with her for this special time in her life! 

These two were super nervous at first, all giggly and wiggly, but it was adorable. They kept kissing when I would try and pose them, crack up at random stuff, and were absolutely in love ever min of the shoot. I think, even though he may not admit, Leo might have even had fun. I mean, who can not have fun in a field of gorgeous tall luscious trees, lots of kissing, and cows! 

These two both work so hard, crystal has two jobs and works 24/7! But they always make time for each other and for their sweet little family that means the world to them. Together, this duo will be the best parents and examples to their babies for ever and ever. 

I had so much fun and I’m literally counting the days to take crystal up cedar mountain soon, all dressed in white, and in the pretty fall leaves… it’ll be perfect!! 

Crystal and Leo | St. George Utah Photographer | Southern Utah Engagements

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