These two are just simply amazing. Such hard working people. So genuine. So accepting. So full of love and devotion. I could go on and on about how amazing they are. I am simply blessed to have met them, and to have had the opportunity to witness their beautiful ceremony and love! 

Lila and I tag teamed this wedding! After some super fun photography lessons, we took our learning and practice to the test! Lila is such a great little photographer and it is amazing to watch her learn and grow and become a better photographer each day! She is such an asset to this business and I can not wait to see her flourish! 

So many amazing friends and family members showed up to witness this amazing couples love and union. I loved how unique the whole scenery was. They put a lot of their heart and dedication into the decoration and home made food, and a lot of people donated food and items to the wedding! Such a cool experience to be see the community come together and support one another. That is exactly what TK and Brandi do. They volunteer at the Red Acre farms regularly and give back to their community. They are such an inspiration to everyone that we need to be more giving. More willing to serve. To be more healthy and eat organically. I found out at the wedding that they are actually Vegan which was cool! Brandi had made a lot of the jams and spreads and the cheese spreads were all Vegan! I tried it and surprisingly it wasn’t bad! 

Again, I love these two love birds. They make me want to be a better person. They are such an example to all and I can not wait to get to know them more. 

Tag teamed by Lila Winn and Tausha Barney! So much FUNNNNNNN!!! 

Brandi and TK Wedding | Cedar City Photographer | Red Acre Farms

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