The drive up cedar mountain is always beautiful but for some reason that day driving up to the wedding made it even better. I was so excited to participate in a camo themed wedding. How unique is that? It was definitely a first for me but it also fit the couple perfectly. Once i pulled up to the suu mountain center i followed behind a group of people. Once we started walking up there was a guy standing there (i had only met the bride so i didn’t know it was him) he slipped his way in with the group walking towards the building and made the comment that he was suppose to meet the photography out here. So i perked up and said hey thats me! It made everyone laugh and it was a great way to start the wedding off. 

    The decor for the wedding was beautiful. Sunflowers and wood center pieces, and the livelihood of all the people made the wedding spectacular.

    Jennifer looked absolutely stunning. She had every little thing planned out, and was even worried people were going to be mad that she was bossing them around. Everything was working out perfectly until she went to put her veil on, it would not stay on and was being the biggest pain in the butt. So walking down the aisle took a little longer than expected but in the end it all worked out. The couple was standing right under the frame of the pavilion and the sun was right behind them and was streaming through the trees creating a burst of light showing behind them.

    The rest of the wedding was so fun. People were laughing and having such a great time. When it came down to cutting the cake, like most brides she made it clear she didn’t want cake shoved in her face, but in the end most of them get cake all over them anyways. There were funny comments and loud laughing throughout the whole wedding. I couldn’t be more happy with being to be able to partake in their special day. I hope nothing but the best is ahead for them

Photographed by the incredible Lila Winn. Lover of people and puppies, our newest photographer, Lila, is providing our business with a more budget friendly option. She is continually learning and growing Lila’s client experience is incredible! Message us to see her amazing rates!


Jennifer and | Cedar City Utah Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer

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