Bri and I have known each other since I was about 8 years old… so man that has been almost 10 years!!! It is so crazy how time flies! 

Her mom was friends with my step mom and we have been like sisters ever since. I have always loved her and we laughed and giggled for hours, literal hours together, like non stop laughing. It was a blast and a half! If anyone knows me, and how unique my laugh is, you would be surprised to know that Briana also has the same quirky, seal dying sounding laugh just like me! It is so crazy. It was destined to be that we were meant to meet and be friends and sisters for life! 

Sunday after church I drove up from St. George Utah to Provo Utah so we could give mama some gorgeous lifestyle in home pictures like she has been wanting forever. They just added a beautiful little member of their family and we needed some updated pictures for the home! They still have ones from like YEARS ago that I took hanging on their walls! So, It was time! Of course, I chose to shoot at the magnificent White Space Studios because Tracy is phenomenal as well as her gorgeous studios! Everything went perfect and I was so excited to see them and play with Aria and the babes! 

Family is something we should always cherish and love and hold on to. Never put anything in front of or in more importance of than your family. They are the glue that makes you who you are and holds together a bond that should never be broken! Love you guys and I hope you love your images! 

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