I first got the call while I was sitting at work and I was so excited to run outside to see who it was (anything to leave the building sometimes right?!). To my surprise it was this lovely mother from Junction Utah desperate for a last min wedding photographer! YES! I’m your gal!! 

We got the date set and planned and she chose the hourly coverage. What a lot of people don’t know, is that you can get away with shorter hourly coverage if you PLAN your wedding day out perfectly and that is what these amazing people did! I was so excited to go to Junction Utah too because oh my goodness…If you have not been out there to see the gorgeous rolling hills and mountain sides and all the luscious green scenery it is absolutely to die for. I miss living in that area for the scenery alone! 

When I was about to the Panguitch turn off (I was driving from St. George) I got a text from mom saying that it was pouring rain. Luckily they had a backup plan but what was even more lucky was that we did not even end up needing it! It rained to 4pm on the dot, right when the ceremony was supposed to start and after everything had been moved in side they decided to move it back out because it was perfect now and it went so smooth after. They were a little late to start but other than that literally the whole day was gorgeous and perfect and so full of love. 

From the little that I got to meet and know this sweet couple, the more I loved them for their personalities and kindness alone. Glen was so sweet to hug everyone and was a ball of fun and energy and Richie was quiet but so tender and loving it was amazing to see how perfect they were for each other. I am so glad I got to experience and capture this day for them and the best of luck to them in the future. 


Glen and Richie Wedding | Central Utah Photographer | Utah Wedding Photographer

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