Being not only a photographer for a wedding, but also a member of the bridal party was something I had never experienced before! But, it was an experience that I will never forget! I was so honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid for this gorgeous girl. I hope she knows I would do anything for her. Little does she know, she has made a much bigger impression on my life than she knows. Shelby. If I could explain her in one word it would be confident. She is an advocate for being confident. She accepts everyone as they are and thinks every single person is beautiful in their own way. She lifts everyone up and helps them to remember their uniqueness and their beauty. Man. I could go on and on. AND DAAAAYYYYUUUUMMMM she is a stunning and talented model too guys!!!

The day started out with getting ready with her best friends and everyone cherishing the last moments of having her a Pittser! So much fun and laughter and gorgeousness with all the ladies there! After that everyone set up the venue and got ready for the big wedding! The Venue, Willow Glenn in Cedar City Utah was absolutely stunning and the weather and lighting was perfect! These two love birds had so many people come to support them and it was the most perfect day for the most perfect couple! Right after everything was done with the wedding, food, reception, and dancing it ended up POURING RAIN on us! But, not until the important stuff was over so they had angles watching over them. And gave them even more luck with the rain!

Ryan, you are one lucky man. This gorgeous lady has had so many handsome men chasing her, but she only had eyes for you! Maybe it was the sweet way you guys talk to her, maybe it was the tender things you say to her, but I do know she loves you more than life!  

Shelby and Ryan | Cedar City Utah Photographer | Utah Wedding Photographer

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