All this rain has been fantastic. I absolutely love it, except when I have photoshoots planned! Kayla and Jared had scheduled their engagements on a Sunday, but sadly had to reschedule because of all the rain. So, the Monday after that, it was raining off and on but we still went up the mountain and hoped for the very best. We were so so lucky and didn’t end up getting rained on! The sky’s cleared up and it was gorgeous up Cedar City mountain. Needing to reschedule the date was definitely meant to be! 

We ended up choosing to go to Crystal Springs, if you have not been up there yet you should definitely go! It is so pretty and green and serene. These two love birds were so fun and we had a total blast! They met in high school and are high school sweet hearts! They were both really active in school. Kayla did barrel racing and loved riding horses and simply being outdoors. She attended Canyon View high school and like most, she was more than excited to get out of school and graduate. Jared went to Milford High and grew up in Milford as well. He did just about every sport you could think of which is really impressive if you ask me! They have two big dogs, they only had one but it ended up loving Jared more So of course Kayla needed one to love her too! I am a huge puppy fan (yes, they are all puppies even when they are old)! 

One thing Kayla wants is a horse, but that is one debate we won’t discuss here haha. Jared grew up not doing anything like Kayla did, he had never owned a pair of boots and my guess is he didn’t imagine becoming the cowboy type but he is trying it out for his love. Before the shoot he ended up getting some pretty sick cowboy boots that he really loves. These two are so fun and adorable and in love, I can not wait for their wedding! 

Photographed and wrote by the incredible Lila Winn! Lover of unique people and making new friends, we are more than excited about our newest addition to our team!

Kayla and Jared | Cedar City Utah Photographer | Cedar Mountain Engagements

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