Just a few hours before going to Felicia’s wedding I was itching with excitement. I was tag
teaming it with Ashley Loftus and was so excited to be able to get to know her better as well. As
it was getting closer to leaving a storm was rolling in and my stomach just dropped. I was
praying that it was going to be inside and not in the rain! Lightning was flashing and it was
coming down so hard. I picked up Ashley and on the way gave her some tips and we both were
excited to be apart of Felicia’s wedding. It’s such an amazing feeling when you get to participate
in someone’s big day. When we showed up the clouds were so dark, it was only 6 and it looked
like the sun was just about down. When we arrived everyone was so nice and so welcoming.
Wedding days are already so stressful. Mixing all the stress and the bad weather made
for some pretty upset and stressed people. But everyone handled it with grace and everything
turned out spectacular. They had to move it into the parents of the bride’s house which was
already a beautiful home, but what made it better was it was filled with gorgeous people. They
aren’t going to remember the rain as much as they are going to remember all of their friends and
family being there to support them. The love they felt is going to overpower anything that went
wrong. The couple was the light of the party, absolutely gorgeous people and so fun to be
around. I wasn’t surprised when they had so many people show up. They had made awesome
decorations which probably made it harder to have to move it inside. They were tall long
wooden zig zag walls that were painted with pictures hanging on them, they had balloon like
lanterns hanging where the tables would have been placed and a pretty gazebo type of thing up
top. So much time, hard work and sweat was put forth to make this day the absolute best. The
bride and groom were always swarmed with hugs that me and Ashley hardly got to talk to either
but what was most important was that they were having an amazing time.

Photographed by the incredible Lila Winn and Ashely Loftus. Lover of people and puppies, our newest photographer, Lila, is providing our business with a more budget friendly option. She is continually learning and growing Lila’s client experience is incredible! Message us to see her amazing rates!


Felicia and Atom Wedding | Cedar City Utah | Utah Wedding Photographer

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