Ok. So these people are all amazing. End of story. 

My day started out by driving from Spanish Fork Utah and headed toward this gorgeous mountain side. I was lucky enough to have the incredible and amazingly talented Makenzie Jamias come with me also! Our drive was full of laugher and exchanging of photography stories and tips and tricks of the trade. She is totally amazing! 

We finally arrived after taking an unexpected detour… yes yes I was headed to the wrong location! I got my two canyons mixed up but luckily we left early enough that we were all on time and all arrived at the same time! It was so cool to follow behind these guys driving. They all have massive trucks and were blowing exhaust and leaving tire marks on the road it was so cool! So expensive but super cool! 

One of my favorite moments before the ceremony was doing a first look with the brides father. He was looking so handsome and sharp, and you could just see the love in his eyes when he saw his baby girl from around the corner. They embraced and I could only think of my sweet daddy and how much love and how hard it is to give away your baby girl. Such a precious moment. 

The ceremony was gorgeous and the weather was amazing too. We did some family and group shots after the ceremony and man this wedding party was a hoot! Both sides of the family had their jokesters, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen couldn’t have been more awesome! We did a few shots where the groomsmen threw the bride and groom in the air and I seriously don’t know if I have ever seen anyone get tossed up so high it was awesome! 

After the ceremony and pictures we went to some farm land in Lapoint and they served amazing food and everything after that is history. Everything was perfect and this couple is so made for each other. Seriously. Constantly holding each other and it was just so tender. My gratitude coudln’t be any more and my heart couldn’t be fuller to have been able to be apart of their special day! 

Dani and Wayland Wedding | Roosevelt Wedding | Utah Photographer

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