I always love driving down to Cedar City for photoshoots, but today’s drive was absolutely gorgeous. As I’m driving down from St George i can just see the rainstorm hovering over Cedar. My first thoughts were how gorgeous a picture would be if I pulled over and took one but then my mind snapped into a little sadness because I was praying it wasn’t going to ruin Maggie and Dylon photoshoot! Once I got into cedar it was raining but not pouring, the clouds were dark and stormy; they would have been perfect if there was no rain! So I was hoping it would setting down just long enough to capture the absolute beauty of this couple! Once I met up with them I could automatically see the love they had for each other. I couldn’t have been more honored to be taking picture of the two love birds!

The two were so good in front of the camera but Dylon was an absolute pro at it! So photogenic! While in between taking picture I learned that the two of them actually live in Arizona and drove all the way down to take the pictures then go ahead and drive all the way back the same night! HOW CRAZY! The two live near the grand canyon and for their jobs they ride horses and take people on tours! Then after work go and ride some more! The two love anything outdoor, and are shopaholics, Maggie made it very clear Dylon LOVES to shop, he didn’t deny it either he straight up said he bought the whole outfit he was wearing just the day before including a new pair of boots! Throughout the whole photoshoot the love they had for each other radiated off them and they were just glowing! Gorgeous couple, outstanding people, and overall another amazing photo shoot!

Maggie and Dylon | Southern Utah Engagements | Cedar City Utah Photographer

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