Immediately when meeting this couple I was swooned. Felicia has eyes and a smile that make you want to smile also and you feel so warm in your heart! Atom is so gentle and kind and such a sweet guy, they are both so adorable! I love being able to meet new people and get to know them! Everyone is so unique and has such amazing spirits about them! My goal is to make new friends for life and I hope these guys will accept me as their friend! I really want to be! haha!

We had originally planned our session for late in June, but we had to reschedule and it ended up being the perfect day! She really wanted to get some images in a studio and also wanted some formals done on the temple ground so that is how we proceeded! We used White Space Studios owned by Tracy Layne, because for one it is absolutely gorgeous, and two I love Tracy she is amazing. The studio gives such a clean bright look and is stunning with the vaulted ceilings and wood beams and gorgeous natural light I love shooting there!

We then headed over to the very sacred temple grounds. This is where the LDS church seals their families for all time and eternity. It is a very peaceful place! The sky was cloudy but the sunset was just perfect for some of the shots and it ended with the best result! It actually rained on us in the last few minutes of the session but we were able to get a very good amount of images and their love shows in each one of them! I am so excited for these two, they seal the deal next weekend!! It is going to be amazing and we are so happy for them! Hope they love their formals we took!

Felicia and Atom Formals | St. George Utah Temple | Southern Utah Photographer

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