I don’t know what I would do without my assistant Ashley! She is always so willing to help me out and come travel to shoots with me so we can have two sets of images and angles, as well as background photos to use for my business! But this little family was so so cute!

These guys are now repeat clients WOOT WOOT!! Erin, my previous business partner and also cousin had done their images, gosh probably over a year ago! You guys should definitely go check out her work at www.erincondiephotography.com! She is an amazing photographer! But, I couldn’t help but jump on the opportunity to work with these amazing people and shoot at the gorgeous location they wanted to shoot at!

When Ashely and I showed up to scout out the area and see what angels and spots would be best to take the photos on the busy weekend and make sure the sun was at their backs, the reservoir was so calm and it was gorgeous. Well, we get out of the car and literally I think we brought the wind with us because it turned into a sand storm. But we trekked through the sand and got to a good spot that we decided would be good for the session. But by the time the session started it was even windier! But, Caty still wanted to do the session and I was all sorts of ready. I don’t know if I have said this before but I love the wind in photos! It give such great movement and feeling to the photos that you just can not replicate any way else!

Their little man was an absolute ham! He was such a cheeser and he was such a mommy lover it was adorable. Playing by the water and in the sand made for a little difficult situation to stop the fun to look at the camera, but we captured some great candid moments as well as posed moments. My favorite images though are where he is soaking in all the mommy and daddy love as well as the stunning images of Caty near and in the water! Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing and so is having and raising a family and oh man these could not have ended up resulting any better I hope they love the outcome!!

Caty Family and Maternity Mini | Sand Hallow State Park | Southern Utah Photographer

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