Literally these guys have been with me through thick and thin. From the very day first day I decided to start really expanding my photography and becoming a business. Over the years I have literally probably done 10 sessions for Renee and I could not be more blessed or more thankful that she has been so loyal.

I can not believe looking back on the images that I did for them years ago in comparison to the images now. I have changed up my editing style, upgraded my equipment, and now have many more years of experience posing and composition for photography in order to create a better outcome. It is crazy to think that the images look so so different and I am personally proud of the improvements. We all start somewhere right? We constantly learn and grow and are here to better ourselves and try to better those lives around us by our example. Renee has been such an example to me of kindness and love and appreciation to her family. She loves her grandkids and I love being her photographer!

Although it was a mini session the results ended up great! The kids were so good to listen and pose for me and they were all so happy and willing to hang out with me for time being. The location I chose was the Washington Fields near the Sullivan Park in St. George. This family is so amazing to let us photographers use their private property and I truly recommend it to anyone who is willing to be respectful to their land and also don’t forget to tip!

I am so happy with how these images turned out and I hope Renee knows how much I love her and Bubba and how greatful I am that they continually use me as their photographer and I can not wait for our next session!

Berry Family Session | Washington Fields | St. George Utah Photographer

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