One of the things that I love about family photos is the ability to play. Lets be honest. Kids can be hard to pose and can be difficult to keep their attention for very long. This is just being honest! I can dance silly for hours and say silly things or have my assistants do the same thing, but these kids are smart! They catch on and realize what’s going on and then back to not looking at the camera. BUT once you find something they love or makes them giggle because they are doing something it helps tremendously!!

This adorable little family and I drove up Cedar Mountain the same weekend there was the car show in Cedar! Such a fun time with family and friends! We hit up this super pretty spot with gorgeous wild flowers and tall green grass and it couldn’t have been better weather for us. We thought it was going to rain but luckily it didn’t and there was great cloud coverage! Fortunately these cuties were a dream to shoot and play around with! We got to swing, be thrown in the air, throw dirt at each other and run and race around! I was able to capture real raw emotion on their faces and that is what I love the most!

I was so excited when Jennifer messaged me because she was ready and excited to have a great experience with a more experienced photographer and I hope I was able to show her not only with my interaction with her and her precious family but with the result of the photos and that each and every picture that we capture is full of raw love and pure tenderness. That is my job. No, not all of the images is everyone perfectly placed and posed, but each image there are smiles and fun times. I am literally so honored she came to me and trusted me with these precious moments. Jeff and I went to school together and he is one lucky guy to have such a sweet family and such a stunning and beautiful wife and mommy to his babies! Thanks guys for the opportunity and I cannot wait for our next session!!

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