I have known Kyle for a long long time! He has worked for my dad at Utah Outdoor Power Equipment for as long as I can remember. He has always been such a fun and loving person and definitely knows his stuff when it comes to not only working in a mechanic shop and dealing with parts all over the place, but he too is an incredible photographer!

We were both working at the shop when we together shared a love for photography and wanted to expand our knowledge and have our own business! He got this super cool Canon camera and I was so jealous. He would let me borrow it all the time and then I decided to purchase my own! I thought it was the best! It was a Canon T2i, and my little sister still uses it to this day! It’s an awesome little camera! From there we both continued to expand our knowledge and become better photographers.

Kyle was so generous when I asked him to take my wedding photos. He seriously did them for literally nothing and not only did wedding day coverage, but my engagements and bridals and reception. I don’t know how we were ever able to luck out on such a phenomenal deal but Kyle is just such a great guy!

When he asked me if I could take his extended family photos I was more than excited! He had done so much for me with my wedding photos, the least I could do was spend a few hours taking these photos for him! So we met up July 8th at 9:30 am and it was all history from there. So many beautiful people, so many adorable kids and families, so much love! I couldn’t have been more honored to take the photos and I hope they all love the outcome!

Stapley Family Photos | Cedar City Photographer | Extended Family Photography

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