Such a laid back, sweet, down to earth woman. Oh, and absolutely GORGEOUS and such an amazing mother. This is why I love my job! 

Erinn was referred to me by my cousin Erin actually, and I could not have been more grateful! From the moment I started talking with her I knew we would get along and this would be an amazing experience for me. We met up and had lunch at the Black Bear Diner in St. George Utah to discuss the wedding and all of the details she was looking for (which was not much at all) and she told me about their life and their love story! 

These two actually met at work, and Erinn was Cade’s boss! Haha Naughty boss! No, but Erinn knew from the moment he started working together that there was something special about this handsome young man. They hit it off immediately and everything just fell into place from there. And now, here we are! These two love spending time with the kids, playing intense video games where Erinn, like me, can not seem to figure out how to walk and look around at the same time, and love their daily lunch dates together. Spending time with each other is their absolute favorite thing and they hate being apart! 

Their wedding, I have no words for. It was beautiful and breathtaking and a real tear jerker… more like bawl fest. Being the photographer, I really need to learn to keep my composure and focus on getting all the amazing shots, but this one was exceptionally difficult due to the fact I couldn’t see through my camera due to the tears strolling down my face. All I wanted to do was listen and just be in that moment. True love is what was witness at this wedding and all those who attended can attest for this. I truly hope for love and happiness to this gorgeous couple and can not wait to watch them grow and love each other! 

Erinn and Cade | Southern Utah Wedding Photographer | The Ledges Golf Club

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