Lisa and I had never met before her wedding, but I truly wish I could have! If I had three words to describe this gorgeous girl, other than being gorgeous, are gentle, kind, and genuine. She was so sweet to all of her guests the entire wedding and I do not think I ever saw an ounce of stress or struggle or anger on her face the entire wedding. She was all smiles and giggles and tears! It was amazing to see. Just makes me imagine how incredibly sweet she is on a normal day to day basis because lets be honest, your wedding day can be extremely stressful and often things don’t go the way you want! I know I got a little bridezilla-ey on my wedding day but this girly was an angel the whole time. Lisa, can we just be best friends? I’ll take that as a yes!

This wedding was located in Fish Lake Utah right on the Lake in the gorgeous Fish Lake Resort. My drive there was a tad long coming from St. George Utah, but more than worth it. It was so rustic and country and their décor was so unique and homey it was beautiful! They also had STUNNING images of their sweet little family posted around that the incredible Chelsie Carter took, you guys should most definitely go check out her work and follow her! The weather was perfect, the wedding was full of love, and the rest of the story is history. I hope these two love birds have an incredible marriage and life and always stay as sweet and kind as you were that day. Wesley, you are one lucky fella!



Lisa and Wesley Fautin | Central Utah Photographer | Fish Lake Resort

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