He may be a little shy in front of the computer, but these two are sure an adorable couple! You can see in his eyes how much he adores her when they look at each other and he was so tender with her and fun and loving too!

Kennady reached out to me a little while ago and I think we hit it off from day one! She is such a sweet and fun girl I am so excited she chose me to capture her special day! From day one we have talked about venues and locations and about our common aquaintances and she is one popular and amazing girl! It was a pleasure and joy to finally be able to meet her! You can also see how much she loves Reed by the way she hold him and gently touched him as I made them kiss in front of me many many times! But there can never be too much kissing in a photoshoot!

We started the day up the gorgeous Cedar Mountain in Cedar City Utah just a few miles up from the SUU cabin and Kids Pond area! It was so pretty and green and the weather was perfect! We then drove across town to the Lady Bug Nursery! They were kind enough to allow us to go in after normal business hours. I could not be more grateful! It was humid in there but oh so unique and fun! I can not believe how much I loved every minute! It was amazing!

I can not wait to send off this album, I hope they love them all!!!!


Kennady and Reed Engagement | Southern Utah Photographer | Utah Engagement

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