After the proposal I’m sure you have a million and one thoughts running through your head of what needs to get done. It all seems so daunting and sometimes stressful. But what you need to realize is it doesn’t all need to get done at once. Below is a wedding checklist that will help you get all tasks done one task at a time. Now some weddings are planned for further out than a year, others are much shorter, just tailor this list to your timeline and everything will be fine!

9-12 months until the wedding
○ Determine potential wedding dates
○ Decide on wedding size, formality and setting
○ Create a wedding budget
○ Reserve ceremony & reception venues
○ Choose your wedding party
○ Choose your wedding rings
○ Draw up an initial guest list
○ Meet with a wedding coordinator
○ Order your wedding dress and attendants’ attire
○ Book your photographer and videographer
○ Reserve a caterer
○ Reserve a florist
○ Order your wedding cake
○ Reserve any rental items from the rental company
○ Register your gift choices at your favorite stores
○ Mail save the dates

6-9 moths until the wedding
○ Decide on your menu
○ Reserve the musicians and soloist for your ceremony
○ Order your invitations and any other stationery
○ Check marriage license requirements
○ Choose your officiant
○ Book your live entertainment or DJ

3-6 months until the wedding
○ Finalize you guest list
○ Choose the reader for your ceremony
○ Finalize your order with the florist
○ Reserve the men’s wedding attire
○ Research accommodations for out of town guests

2 months until the wedding
○ Mail the invitations
○ Write your wedding vows
○ Finalize the reception and menus
○ Confirm the wedding details with the musicians
○ Purchase gifts for parents and attendees
○ Make appointments for hair, makeup and nails
○ Schedule final dress fitting

1 month until the wedding
○ Apply for a marriage license
○ Plan the rehearsal dinner
○ Meet with the photographer and videographer
○ Have programs printed

2 weeks until the wedding
○ Draft speeches for the toasts
○ Finalize reception details
○ Call any guests who have not replied
○ Consultation with your hair and makeup artist
○ Deliver song lists to musicians or playists to the DJ
○ Confirm honeymoon reservations
○ Call graphic designer with guest list

1 week until the wedding
○ Finalize seating plan
○ Determine the order for the procession
○ Have your rehearsal
○ Confirm accommodation reservations
○ Pick up the attire for groomsmen
○ Create a seating arrangement for the reception
○ Write any checks required or make any final payments for the wedding day
○ Pack for your honeymoon

Day of the wedding
○ Give the wedding bands to the best man
○ Present the attendants and parents with gifts
○ Relax and enjoy your special day!

Bride Tip Tuesday | The Wedding Countdown Checklist

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