Why is my luck never the best?! Haha! The location I planned on shooting at was still closed, even over half way into May. Then backup location… closed. So, the saying may be true, last the best of all the game! This location ended up being more than we had ever asked for!

It was a little chilly, and a little muddy, and there was just a little bit of snow on the ground still but these two ROCKED it. Our sweet little bride was even in some serious pain from swollen feet and her feet almost didn’t fit into her shoes, but when we got to the location her heels kept sinking in to the soft ground! I luckily was only a 1/2 size larger and had just purchased some adorable little booties that we were able to put her in to be a little more comfortable and she didn’t sink into the ground! Win win! Happy bride happy life haha!! But, can I just say… have you ever seen a more gorgeous dress?!?!? The unique lacing was gorgeous and I am obsessed with the sleeves and it fit her like a glove. She was stunning, and Tyson was ever so dashing also!

I can not even believe how incredible they are and how well they always perform in front of the camera. It’s not even performing!! My little sister came with me on this shoot as my cute little assistant, and she was amazed at how in love they were. She kept saying you can tell how much they really love each other! If a 14 year old can tell, anyone can and these two are knee deep in mushy gushy LOVE! The way he looked at her when he first saw her in her dress, the adorable comments he makes about how she is a gorgeous model and he way he tenderly holds her made my heart melt. Such a tender sweet and innocent love and I am so excited for them to tie the knot! YAY!!!!!!!!!



Jacoy and Tyson | Southern Utah Photographer | Formal Session

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  1. Erinn McClellan

    June 6th, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    That lace!! Her dress is simply stunning! And what beautiful location. I love these!