I have known Bri ever since she was a wee little tot (although we are not that far in age haha) and she and I have been super close ever since we met. When we are together there is nothing but giggles and fun because for some reason when one of us makes the other laugh, we seriously can not stop. I don’t know why we can’t stop, but it’s almost impossible! Believe it or not, if you know me I have a super um… how do we put this… UNIQUE laugh and she and I have twinner laughs! I love this girl and her little family so much!

Well the night before Bri and ted let me crash on their floor with my little sister. We drove up from Richfield and were so excited for the upcoming day. When we got to the house little Aria was in bed, but auntie Taush made sure she was awake and hyper in just a moments notice and I’m sure mom and dad were cussing me under their breath but she is so cute and full of spunk! My absolute favorite part is every time after Aria laughs she sighs and it is the most adorable thing ever it cracks me up! Well, we woke up super early and started our venture to the location!

We shot at Salem ponds in Salem Utah. I had never been there before but it was a gorgeous little park with an adorable bridge and pond and the green grass was so bright and colorful and the sun was in the perfect spot! The lighting was phenomenal and this adorable family was ready to pose like pros! I can not believe my little Bri is pregnant again with number 2, and I have yet to have any kids! But she is the most adorable mom and her and Ted make amazing parents! I can not wait to meet their sweet little baby girl that’s on the way!! I can not thank these guys enough for the amazing time and their adorable little family, and I’m so glad I get to claim them as my own family! I love you guys!

Briana and Ted Tallent | Northern Utah | Family Photography

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  1. Collette Gunderson

    April 11th, 2017 at 2:14 am

    Tasha, you are absolutely the best! I love how you have captured the love that Bri, Ted and little Aria have fore one another. The love that you have for them shows in your work and your words. Please always remember that we love you! Love Collette