Through thick and thin, these two have stayed together. As a matter of fact, this is the quote that Siera used to describe their love, ” It was always you!” She said they have been through a lot and always stayed together.

For their bridals we started out at the gorgeous St. George LDS temple. This is where they will seal their love for all time and eternity on May 12th in the morning. I was so glad we were able to go there because generally the day of the marriage everyone is so excited I barely get any time one on one with the couple! The lighting and weather and everything was perfect. Siera looked stunning.

We then ventured to Snow Canyon State Park. After I made them flip a U turn about 15 times, we finally found our way. I get lost easy in the big city! We went to the amazing white rocks just on the outskirts of the park and it was perfect. There was barely anyone there and there was just the slightest little breeze that it made that much more amazing. We had so much fun standing on the edge of the cliff… looking at the pics its actually kinda scary looking haha! But it was oh so perfect.

On our way back I could not help but stop at a few more places along the way and I loved each one more than the next. These guys put up with so much kissing and hugging and we even laughed a little as we boomeranged on our phones! This couple is just so amazing I can’t wait for their wedding day.

Oh yeah, Siera also said that Bailey was her best friend. Her go to. He makes her laugh and is so playful and kind. She just KNOWS that this is exactly what love is and real happiness. HOW SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


Siera and Bailey | Southern Utah Bridal | Snow Canyon State Park

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