Time for round two! A second engagement session while Ryan was in town because these two hardly ever get to see each other. Ryan is a traveling welder! He makes phenomenal money, but the time away really is hard on Shelby and their fur babies. So when he is in town, I shoot the crap out of every moment.

This time, instead of an indoor engagement session we decided to head to the warm gorgeous Southern Utah. The Tontaquin Nature Center in St. George Utah is so pretty and blooming with gorgeous flowers. The diversity in colors from yellow to purple to red and green are breath taking and really makes you appreciate the warm weather and all the pretty flowers that are out there!

They wanted to bring the fur babies and make sure that as well as more engagements, they got an updated family picture too! Their puppies are so so SO cute and playful and had a hard time sitting still, but we were able to capture a few really amazing pics for them! Then we proceeded with allowing these two to make out in front of me for about an hours so I was in love!

Their love shines bright and deep through all weather and storms and trials. The distance they have to stay away from each other would absolutely kill me, but their love is so strong they can withstand anything. Hopefully they will not have to be apart for much longer and Ryan can get a job closer!

Shelby Ryan Engagement | Tontaquin Nature Center | Southern Utah Photographer

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