Senior photos are always so fun, and they are even more fun when you have know the person you are taking photos of for a while. You really just see how much they have grown up. I have known this guy since he was born! No joke! It is crazy how fast kids grow up. And boy did this kid grow. He is so tall and so handsome, I honestly cannot believe it. Time really does fly! 
Baileys’ dad is a fireman, and is currently the Fire Chief and for as long as I can remember he has been obsessed with anything fire related. He has always loved to tinker around, take things apart and put them back together. He has recently gotten into welding and has loved it so much he has even participated in competitions.

While Bailey has been in high school he has been on the football team as well as the wrestling team and always gave it his all, even when he got injured. I cannot believe that he graduates next month. Bailey doesn’t know what he will do after high school yet, but once you graduate there are so many options for you. 

Fun Fact, this little stud is my assistant’s baby brother. So I’m more than sure she’s got some great stories to tell but we won’t embarrass him in this blog post!

Congratulations! Graduating is an exciting time in your life. Most high school seniors have had senioritis for the past few months or even this whole last year of school and all they want to do is walk, get their diploma and be done. That’s when you step out into the real world and start living your adult life. I hope Bailey has enjoyed school and those years of being a kid. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you and what your future holds!

Bailey | Senior Pictures | Southern Utah

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