Honestly I loved how all of this short notice little stylized shoot turned out, it was honestly perfection. I really just wanted to shoot this vision of mine, put it together and just go for it.  We shot this in Monroe, Utah and the location was perfect. The rolling hills, the lava rock, the sky, the clouds and the sun must have all known what my vision was, because they were all doing exactly what I needed them to do. This all came together so beautifully, but only thing that was against us was the temperature. Spring isn’t quite here yet and it was early in the morning with the sun just starting to peek out, and that wind was not helping at all but nevertheless, gorgeous and my model was a trooper.  Ashley was an incredibly stunning bride model. When she put on that dress she couldn’t stop smiling. It fit her perfectly and I honestly cannot wait to see her on her own wedding day.

I loved the details in the dress, the simplicity of the bouquet with the amount of greenery, and the hair and makeup were effortlessly and simply beautiful.  The makeup and hair matched everything I could’ve dreamed of for this look. With this last minute stylized request Amy at Jocelyn’s Floral took all the directions I gave her and created a gorgeous bouquet. I absolutely love working with Amy at Jocelyn’s Floral for her amazing designs and choices or floral.
I couldn’t have done this without the amazing vendors that participated! Thank you so much to everyone involved in making this happen and letting me get one of my many visions out there.

Model: Ashlynne Jensen
Floral: Jocelyn’s Floral
Dress: Sassy Chic Bridal and Formal Rentals
Makeup & Hair: Ashlynne Jensen & Holley Fillmore

Tausha Leann Photography

Model: Ashley Fillmore
Floral: Jocelyn’s Floral
Dress: Sassy Chic Bridal and Formal Rentals
Makeup & Hair: Ashley Fillmore & Holly Fillmore

Monroe Morning Stylized

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