This girl is hands down amazing! She is not graduating with just one, not even two but three degrees!  THREE degrees! Those degrees are Science, Applied Science and Criminal Justice. That is so incredible and I don’t know how she did it. That takes so much determination and dedication and she is so excited to graduate.  Her original destination for after she graduated was to get into a Crime Scene Investigation type of job but things have changed and she doesn’t know how she wants to apply these degrees into a future career. But honestly with those degrees there are so many amazing job opportunities that could come from it. Treenais graduating from Salt Lake Community College on May 5th and I couldn’t be more happy or more excited for her. She is not only killing it with her schooling but this amazing girl is killing it right now with her work outs. This is one tough lady! I cannot wait to see what she does after she graduates.

Shooting in downtown Park City, Utah was so fun. We got there before the sun even rose and it was beautiful. We got lucky on a few counts during this photo shoot! Treena got the call that her cap and gown were ready to be picked up the day before the shoot (talk about lucky!), the weather that the forecast predicted (snow and rain) didn’t hit until RIGHT after we got done shooting, (again super lucky), and lastly because we got there so early we were able to get those amazing middle of the street pictures with little to no traffic. These pictures are so amazing and I’m so happy to share them with you. Treena was a trooper going up and down those steep streets in her cute heels and dress. And with steep hills come a lot of stairs. I feel like she got her work out in for the day just during this shoot. Treena I am so excited for you and May 5th will be here before you know it. Enjoy this last little bit of college and after you graduate I know you will do amazing and incredible things with your life!

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Treena Graduation | Salt Lake Community College | Northern Utah Photographer

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