When this gorgeous couple messaged me I was seriously so excited. I mean, look at her. Isn’t she so pretty?! Well, thanks to a few other amazing clients referring them to me, I was able to be apart of this super fun morning!

It was a FREEZING cold morning, I think it was in the 40’s… don’t quote me. Wait, I was just informed it was 27 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I told you it was cold! But you couldn’t even have known it was cold. Their love warmed us up, and my hand warmers may have helped also. These cuties were so flirty and playful and it was super fun to watch. They also got to see how crazy I am and how I would probably do anything to get them to smile. Trevor was trying to be a tough guy, but he too broke under pressure and cracked a smile once and a while. They took me to the coolest location that I honestly hadn’t even thought of to take pictures at but it was perfect! The light was gorgeous in every shot and their uniqueness shows in all the pics. Look how cool those rock formations are!

These two love birds have known each other for many many years. They have always been friends and flirty ever since the day they met. Things finally all fell in place and they have been madly in love and are so excited for the big day. In their spare time they often find ways to fix up and craft their new house, and they both work full time. Lauren runs her own nail business where she is absolutely swamped and Trevor is in the military! Oh, and might I add they plan on going on three honeymoons. How fun and amazing would that be!

Laurens favorite thing about Trevor is that he is so kind hearted and that he absolutely adores her. OH! She also loves that he is so hard working. She also sent me a quote that describes their love so perfectly…”When you love what you have, you have everything you need.” These two are so cute and so in love it is an amazing thing to watch and see. Check out their cute engagement pics!

Lauren and Trevor | Southern Utah Engagements | Cedar City Photographer

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