Have you ever had a dream to become a famous basketball player or doctor or anything huge and life changing?! Well this kid has and he has been able to make his dreams come true! Going on to play college football is only the first step to his stardom, but is is a huge one and I couldn’t have been more amazed with his poise and attitude the whole day 

Originally from California, this high school senior has played football pretty much his whole life. His dream has always been to make it big and oh my goodness he has achieved what many people only dream of! He was first accepted to a school out of state where they flew him out to meet everyone and have a grand old time. But, he and his best friend had always imagined playing football together and when they both got the opportunity to play at Dixie, Lance took this opportunity instead of the out of state school. 

After graduating in May I am sure all this young man will be thinking about is when he can start playing and practicing. Through the whole shoot he was very calm and extremely easy to talk to! He told me about his love for football, but also his love for art and design! What two totally opposite ends of the spectrum but very cool too! Not only is he a hard core football player, but he also loves color and art and loves to apply this to his wardrobe and being dressed sharp and looking good for the ladies! I thought this was awesome and as you can see he looks very studly in all of the photos! 

This session the weather was perfect and the two locations we went to couldn’t have been prettier and better to show off his personality. First we started off with his football field at Pine View High School in St. George Utah, then moved just a few miles and went to a gorgeous field of green and stunning light. He sported his football uniform in the first and then continued onto location two with a sophisticated olive green jacket and blush pink T shirt! I was amazed at his color choices and how well they went with the location. This kid is all around awesome! 

I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be able to photograph him and I think we had a great time. It went smooth and was such an easy shoot as he was oh so photogenic! Thanks Lance and Lynette for letting me be apart of this special moment to document him and his amazing achievements! 

Lance Senior Pictures | Southern Utah | Pine View High

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