Jacoy and Tyson, words do not describe how amazing and cute they are. A little shy in front of the camera but their love radiated through the lens like a dream! These love birds have known each other for years, as they lived down the street from one another. Tyson though she was a cutie for a while and even asked her out a while ago and she turned his poor little heart down. They continued to text and message and one day Jacoy decided that they should hang out and Tyson couldn’t have been more excited!

When Tyson proposed he wanted to go to his grandparents in St. George Utah. They had originally planned the date to be at Pizza Factory but ended up eating out at Chuck a Rama! When the arrived at the house his parents had prepared the room with heart shaped candles and music and set the mood for them! Their eyes met and he read a poem he had wrote for her and got on one knee and the evening couldn’t have ended better.

Tyson loves Jacoy for many reasons, and one being the she is very strong willed. She is more than he could have ever asked or wanted and it melted my heart when he said that. Their love could weather any storm, even the one where they are dating long distantly right now! She lives in Ephraim and he is in Cedar and they make trips to see each other on the weekends.

This couple is so sweet and tender and I cannot wait to spend more time getting to know them and to witness their sweet young love! Bridals are scheduled to be soon, so don’t you dare miss seeing this couple all dressed up in their suit and gown and glowing with timeless beauty!!!  

Jacoy and Tyson | Southern Utah Engagements | Cedar City Utah

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