Your wedding dress is important and will probably cost a decent amount of money and for some brides this is something you may not be able to compromise on. BUT there are some ways to help save you some money while still getting a gorgeous dress.

1. Trunk Shows
If there’s a specific designer or style you’re after a trunk show may be your best bet. Trunk shows are days where designers will showcase their existing or new collection at a bridal store or boutique. Trunk shows are sometimes advertised months in advance so keep your eye out and plan accordingly. Ask what other purchasing incentives will be happening that day. They may be offering a free accessory such as a veil. Keep in mind that deals offered at trunk shows are only available that day. So be prepared to say yes to the dress if you love it!

2. Consider an Already Loved Wedding Dress
If you have your eyes on a designer or style but it’s just out of your budge consider looking at that exact dress but one that’s gotten some love already. A already worn wedding dress isn’t like a used pair of jeans or shoes, it’s most likely only been worn once or twice. So there is little to no wear and tear/damage and will be in great condition. Used wedding dresses can give you what you want but at a much better price.

3. Choose your Must-Have Item
Choosing your dress can be hard, like shopping for a home. You start with that huge wish list and slowly get rid of those less important items/features and narrow it down to what the important things are, what you really want. Dress accessories and details can add up. Keep an open mind when trying on dresses, find features you love and the ones that are a must have. If glam is something you’re looking for maybe go for a sparkly belt, shoes and accessories. You can also opt to go with a less expensive fabric to help cut down on costs.

4. Look for Non-Wedding Gowns
So you’re looking for a white dress, this doesn’t mean you have to stick to bridal stores! Consider shopping for an off the rack white dress.

5. Tie It Up
Consider a gown with a lace-up corset-style back. Corset backs are not only beautiful, but they will help save you money on alterations since you can custom fit the bodice of the dress to conform to your measurements. Corsets can also easily accommodate your changing bridal body as you get close to your wedding day.

6. Buy a Floor Sample
If you’re looking to save some money and you need a dress fast consider buying the floor sample of the dress you tried on at the salon/store/boutique rather than ordering the new version of it. Depending on things like how long the dress has been out on the sales floor, the condition it is in as well as how good you negotiating skills are you may be able to score on a dress. Just inspect it carefully before you decide to go with this option.

You may be that lucky girl that says yes to the dress during her first dress shopping trip, but remember finding your perfect dress could take some time. Shop around, don’t settle. Find your dream dress for your wedding day and have fun!


Say Yes to the Dress: Ways to Save

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