So if you follow us you’ve seen that we were so excited to be in the upcoming bridal fair, but we received some sad news…. the bridal fair has been cancelled. We had no control of this and are honestly pretty bummed. BUT what we want to do is have a giveaway for a HUGE discount on the day we would’ve had the bridal fair (this will be for a wedding package) 40% off!
Here are the rules… 
1 – You must follow the Facebook page <>
2 – You must follow the Instagram page @taushaleannphotography
3 – Tag any friends or family that are going to be getting married soon or would love to be apart of our page, each tag gets an extra entry to win!!
4 – Last but not least share the post to your page/wall so all your friends and family can join in on the fun. 
We will be checking to see if you’ve completed all of these things! We are so excited for this and hope you have fun, GOOD LUCK!


40% off Wedding Package Giveaway!