Did you know that the bouquet used to bear a message? Each flower help its own special meaning. In some parts of the world certain flowers were considered to bring good luck for the marriage such as daffodils, daisies, irises, magnolias, orchids and rose. While other flowers were forbidden from being in the bouquet like lavender, poppies and marigolds.

The bouquet is SOOO Important!

A wedding is one of the more important moments in life. It’s a dream to choose that perfect dress, location, menu and cake. But the bouquet is arguable one of the most important things next to the dress. A bride carries it down the aisle, holds it in photographs, keeps it at her bride and groom table and sometimes preserves it and keeps it in her home or in a safe place.  As a photographer, I see SO much value in trusting a florist to design a bouquet that will match the colors and them of the wedding. I would say the bouquet ends up being in at least 50 percent of your photos. There are so many things to consider when deciding on your bouquet and I’ve listed a few tips below to help you create that perfect bouquet.


It’s all about the Details!

1 – Size
Many brides think that “Bigger is Better”, but this is not always the case. It’s important to take your own body size and frame into mind. For example a petite short bride would be overwhelmed by a very large bouquet. Not to mention the weight of a large bouquet, you will be carrying your bouquet around all day long.  Remember a great bouquet is there to accent your gorgeous wedding dress, not hide it!

2 – Type
Do not limit yourself to less expensive blooms. Do not be scared of those more expensive blooms! This is your special day! It’s best to let the florist know exactly what you are wanting right up front so they can provide many options for you. Peonies, for example, might be pricier than roses but they also fill up much more space in your bouquet, so less flowers would be required to fill it out. They can also recommend any flowers that look like something you are wanting to be a great replica of what you are looking for at a lower price. It’s important to also remember that bouquets are photographed all day and can even be used on your sweethearts table so it’s a great place for an investment.

3 – Color & Texture
Flowers are an amazing way to incorporated color into your wedding day. I recommend working with your florist to design a bouquet that has a very blended look using many different hues in the same color family to provide a soft look. Different flowers will also add a beautiful texture so the bouquet doesn’t end up looking stiff. Having two colors gives a very contrasted look and can sometimes look like polka dots in your photographs.

4 – Timing
After you pick out that perfect bouquet, you will of course want it to be photographed as much as possible to get the most out of our investment! I recommend having your bouquet delivered 30-60 minutes before your photographer arrives for the day. Flower delivery time is so important. Having a wilting bouquet halfway through your day can be a real downer, especially since you still have so many more photographs to get through.

5 – Personalize
Gone are the days of matching bouquets for you and your bridesmaids. After all you are the Bride and this is your day! So by all means feel free to stand out from your bridesmaids. Have a brighter bouquet, a different colored bouquet or a different sized bouquet. Simplifying your bridesmaids bouquets can all allow for a larger budget for your own bouquet. Feel free to also include any special family heirlooms around the stems or intertwined within the flowers to make it a truly unique piece.


Iv’e been able to work with some AMAZING FLORISTS!

Nila with Desert Rose Floral was such a sweet and caring woman who was incredibly patient with me as I was trying to decide on details. She offered some great feedback and options and in the end provided me with an absolutely stunning bouquet! It was the perfect size and was everything I ever wanted. She is truly amazing at what she does!

Amy with Jocelyns Floral is honestly one of a kind. She is such an incredible person inside and out and goes above and beyond to help out her clients. I have had many opportunities to work with her and she never ceases to amaze me. Her skill and attention to detail is incredible and her work is amazing, I would recommend her to anyone!

Dress: Elizabeth Cooper Designs and Sassy Chic Bridal Florals: Desert Coral Floral and Jocelyn's Floral

Dress: Elizabeth Cooper Designs and Sassy Chic Bridal Florals: Desert Coral Floral and Jocelyn’s Floral

Tips for a perfect wedding bouquet

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