“I know we are young but we have the kind of love that could last forever. Let us grow together, have our roots intertwined, and our souls merged.”

Early Saturday morning Kaitlin, Ricky and myself headed up Cedar Mountain to find some snow for their one year anniversary pictures… and boy did we definitely find it! This adorable couple came to this shoot with the biggest smiles on both of their faces, all you could see was love radiating from them. Pure love. These two were such troopers for driving up the mountain as the snow got deeper and deeper. I was honestly worried that we might not be able to find a location because of how deep the snow was getting. Luckily the location I had in mind had previously been plowed and it ended up being perfect! They then stood in the deep snow all while a mini blizzard was happening… with those smiles still on their faces the entire photo shoot in the freezing cold! Amazing!

These adorable high school sweethearts first met in Arizona and came to Utah to attend Southern Utah University. Ricky is going to attend Dental School once he’s done at Southern Utah University and Kaitlin is majoring in Occupational Therapy. I loved hearing their proposal story on how he had her friends in on it the whole time and that they got married in Gilbert, Arizona.

Honestly a couple like this is what I would call soul mates. Soul mates are those one in a million people who have the perfect chemistry. They know what makes their partner cry and they know what makes their partner smile. They bring joy to each others’ life because they see the best in each other. They are each others’ voice and strength. They have immense faith in their relationship and they stand firmly together in the toughest of times. I loved every minute of this freezing cold snowy amazing shoot and I hope to do their two year anniversary photos next year!!

Kaitlin and Ricky | Cedar City Utah Photographer | Winter Wonderland

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