I was more than ecstatic when Chloe messaged me to do her engagements and bridals! We had originally scheduled the shoot in St. George on Saturday the 18th, but we were completely rained out! I was so sad! Although the weather was super crazy for St. George, Sunday it made for a super gorgeous day of overcast beautiful bright colors and no blaring sun to effect the stunning day! We got lucky that it didn’t rain on us again because the forecast said that it was going to! Yesssssss! 

Chloe is originally from the greater St. George area, but Aaron is from clear up in Preston Idaho! They met while attending Utah State University. They are both basing their degrees around biology! Aaron is going to into engineering, and Chloe loves micro biology! Both such super smart people! It was so cute to watch them interact with each other and get to know them.

These two were absolutely inseparable the entire shoot! You could feel their love from miles away. Chloe had just been waiting for Aaron to finally propose, and he wanted to plan something gorgeous and meaningful! He told me he candlelit a dock where they went together just about everyday to feed the ducks and proposed there. It was snowy and the beautiful white mountains in the background made everything just that more romantic. 

For their shoot we started at the pretty red rock located in the Pioneer Park in St. George Utah, then headed to the very popular Tontaquint Nature Center. After these we hit up the parking garage for a completely different look. They were all so unique and perfect for these two. I have way too many amazing photos to choose from and its all thanks to this stunning couple!! Thanks for letting me be your photographer! I can’t wait for the next one! 

Chloe and Aaron | Pioneer Park | Southern Utah Engagements

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