What would you do as a bride if you thought your bouquet was forgotten? Me, I would probably freak out and stress so much! This happened to Sydney on her wedding day and she was so chill and relaxed, I don’t know how she did it?! Sydney and (husbands name) got married on a beautiful October day, and they were all smiles.

It was a busy day of celebrating but they only had eyes for each other. this wedding was gorgeous and was held at an army base with super unique rustic and wood features. Her father, who is a landscaper, even made her a gorgeous backdrop just for her special day and it was the perfect feature to have at the location. There was an infectious atmosphere throughout the entire day…. There was just so much love between them, their family and their friends!

This family knew how to have fun!! We are talking musical chairs at a wedding fun! There was so much smiling and laughter as they played so many games and had so much fun being together to celebrate the happy couple. They served so many pies, I think over 10 different kinds which all looked delicious! Such a perfect sweet treat to end such a sweet day!


Sydney and Scott Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer | Camp W.G. WIlliams Base

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