The day started with a super long drive from St. George Utah to the Bonneville Salt flats…. but it was so amazing and I would literally drive there for like every shoot if I could. I was lucky enough to have my handy dandy associate photographer there with me helping me drive, keeping me awake, and even allowing me to edit on some of the way home! 

The weather was perfect and the sunset was timed just right, we got some of the most amazing images I have ever taken before in my whole life. I couldn’t have been more excited! Here is a little info about the couple written by Sydney herself! 

  1. Tell us your love story/ How did you meet?

    1. Scott was roommates with one of my friends, I went over a lot for game nights and to hang out and immediately fell in love with his dog! Eventually I started finding excuses to stay late and talk to Scott when he got off work. We hung out a few times and started dating about 9 months later. The rest is history!

  2. What about the proposal?

    1. Scott sent me on a scavenger hunt with poems! It started at our house in Cedar City, then to the house we first met, and other places in Cedar that had meaning to our relationship. The scavenger hunt ended at one of our favorite spots, Alpine Pond, where Scott read the last part of his poem and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

  3. When did you know that you were meant to be with each other?

    1. For me, it was right after we went coyote hunting with some friends. We spent the entire night laughing and joking, neither of us have ever laughed so hard in a night. After that, I told a friend of mine that Scott was my perfect man. He had the best laugh and sense of humor plus, he’s a total hottie! For Scott, there was one night, early in our relationship that we went on a walk and ended up at my old elementary playground. We spent the entire night talking about what kind of plans we had for our future, what type of families we wanted and how many kids. We fell in love that night even though we didn’t say it. 

These two are so cute and so in love I can not wait to show you their wedding images!! 

Sydney and Scott Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographer| Bonneville Salt Flats

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