These two were ADORABLE. They got married in Cedar at this gorgeous barn, and can I just say how perfect that place is! I LOVE it! Anyways, back to the gorgeous story. One thing that I love about getting to know people, is that even the most tough people have a soft side, and Lizzy is one of the toughest women I know. Sometimes weddings are stressful, and I just love being able to help my clients with anything they need. I saw a tender side from my gorgeous Lizzy, and we came out a stronger people. And can I just say, she was so so so so pretty. 

So, a little bit about this cute couple. They met at a birthday party in the bar district called “Old Town.” The bar was specifically called the “American Junkie” but unfortunately it was no longer in business. These two bought a house together, did a complete remodel, and didn’t kill each other… that’s when she knew they were meant to be together. Is that not the cutest thing ever?! 

One of my favorite details about the wedding was the fact that they handed out the most adorable little jars of honey with the cutest little honey combs and it even had their wedding date carved into the cute little stick. The freaking cutest! Not only did I love that, but one thing that I really noticed about this wedding that I loved was how close everyone was. If there was ever an exciting moment or a possible bump in the road, each one of her bridesmaids and groomsmen and family were right there by her side supporting her and having her back. Family is the most important, and so is keeping your friends close and always supporting them. 

I am so grateful that I was able to not only meet this amazing couple, but be able to capture their love on film, for them to be able to cherish for their lifetime and not only just them but their kids and grand kids and their kids. 


Lizzy and Ryan Wedding | Cedar City Photographer | Parowan Photographer

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