The weather in September/ beginning of October should not be freezing, but this year we have had some crazy weather. I had a wedding for Kayla and Jared up at the SUU cabin up the mountain, the leaves were just changing and the air was cold with a brisk breeze even in the sun. Kayla wanted me to be there and take pictures of her getting ready before the ceremony started so as i pulled up and got inside i was welcomed and didn’t feel out of place the whole time I was at the wedding. Everyone was so nice and have the best personalities. As I am taking pictures of Kayla getting ready everyone else was getting ready, one girl didn’t really know how to poof her hair and well couldn’t get it to work so in between taking pictures I was poofing her hair and it was awesome not only to be able to take Kayla’s pictures but to be able to help in any way including fix someone’s hair. Weddings are already stressful so why not help out right? Like any other wedding they have there flaws and moments where the bride is freaking out and worried sick. Kayla’s was a little bit more scary because she was already running late and still her hunny wasn’t even at the cabin nor was he ready. Which is a nightmare by itself. By the time she was ready everything had panned out and everything worked out.

Every piece of decoration they had set up was the cutest. It had such a great feel to it and had a lot of work put into them. As the ceremony started Jared was faced away from everyone until Kayla was at the top of isle. As he turned around to see her my heart ached with pure love. His eyes watered up and as he stood there he tried to keep his tears in but couldn’t. It was such an awesome thing to witness.

Dancing is when you see the awesome crazy in people. This group loved to dance and there was hardly anyone not dancing. Everyone was being crazy and you could feel the love in the air. As we got to cutting the cake Kayla told Jared not to smoosh the cake in her face but as everyone knows that usually ends the opposite way. Surprisingly she ended up being the first to throw it in his face just a few milliseconds ahead but i noticed it.

Kayla and Jared are amazing people and deserve so much happiness as do all of her family and friends. I am honestly so lucky to be able to take such memorable pictures for people and to get to meet so many new people. I LOVE IT.

Photographed by the Amazing Lila Winn! 

Kayla and Jared Wedding | Cedar City Utah Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer

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