The Carters!!! I have known them practically my whole life. It started out when me, this cute little chubby 5 year old saw my new neighbors taking a picture in front of their new home that they were moving in to and I of course had to be apart of the photo! I ran over and asked kindly if they would take a picture of me as well and it was all family fun from there. Now, that was with the Gunters, and Heidi Gunter is Heather Carters sister. So, although we are not all directly related I still look at them as family because our families have all been hanging together since I was FIVE!! I mean we literally have like Thanksgiving dinners together and 4th of July parties together and so much more every year. 

I had three sessions this gorgeous … man it was either Saturday or Sunday I am having a brain fart but three sessions this day, and this gorgeous and fun family was one of them! It was a ton of fun, we laughed a lot, made fun of each other…(more like my laugh got made fun of pretty hard core 😉 ) and I had the best posing helper TRAVIS the dad to save the day. These guys either put on a good face for the photos or they actually enjoy getting them done! Travis the dad was seriously helping me and kissing and dipping his gorgeous bride and it didn’t seem like a chore for any of them. I had a blast! 

Thanks you guys for letting me take another year of family photos! I hope they are everything you ever dreamed they would be and I hope you love the outcome! You guys ROCK!! 

Carter Family Photos | Cedar City Utah Photographer | Utah Family Photos

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