There is something special about a family that truly cherishes and loves each other. You can see it in their interactions with one another, with how they talk to each other and how they hold each other so tight. This little family knows the importance of loving and not taking others for granted because each life is precious and each moment is precious as well. 

We decided to ride up the mountain to capture this gorgeous family for the beautiful fall colors! It was such a perfect day! The weather was amazing and the leaves had a gorgeous yellow tint and these guys were ready to par-tay! Oh they were just so adorable and so fun and loving it didn’t take long for them to start having fun and let me capture their true love! We even were able to get the puppy to pose for a few photos! It was so fun and they are a true example of love! 

I am so grateful every day for my family and for the love and support that they give to me. I know that sometimes I take do not put in enough effort to spend time with them and it makes me sad! I know that each day I will strive to do better because family is the only thing you have here on this earth that will always be there for you. We should all try and do something special for a family member today to show that we love them and do this each and every day! 

Barbara Family Photos | Cedar City Utah | Utah Family Photographer

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