This girl has been through it alllll!! From getting limes disease weeks before her wedding, to also getting her gallbladder surgically removed as well! Dropping dang near 30 lbs, on top of all the craziness made it so she had to get a brand new dress 4 days before the wedding and so much more. I don’t know if I have heard of anyone else that has had so many crazy things happen to them before their wedding like these crazy events! This couple was definitely tested, but they prevailed and made it through and all they wanted was to be married!! #meanttobe

The wedding was gorgeous and the weather was perfect! Their love was shinning along with the incredible sun beating down making everyone feel their love in their hearts even more. So many family members and friends attending the ceremony and reception and people could not stop hugging them after! One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was after they kissed as an official married couple, Maggy raised her arm like “Heck yeah!!” and made the whole crowd cheer and giggle. It was super sweet. You can tell how proud she is of Dylan and how much she loves him. 

The gorgeous venue they were married in is brand new to the Cedar City area and is stunning. The vaulted ceilings and wood accents with light bright walls and lighting was to die for. Such a perfect place to hold their reception and celebration of marriage for this amazing couple. Another part that I loved about this day was the shoe game that they played. It is so fun to see them answer funny questions about each other and it makes the whole time even more enjoyable! Everything was so sweet and well done, and Maggy was so stunning I am so blessed they chose me as their photographer! 

Maggy and Dylan Jones Wedding | Southern Utah Wedding | Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

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