I was lucky enough to be able to get this gorgeous family to let me take their photos! It all started with my desperate attempt to find some real life couples for a photography retreat that I had planned in St. George Utah, (you guys should check out that page as well) and I was referred this gorgeous mama and her sweet honey to model for me. Chelsea was so amazing and so willing to do it and I couldn’t be more happy! I mean, SERIOUSLY look at her. She is stunning. So SO SOOOO pretty!! I actually went to school with her husband who is a police officer for the Cedar City Police Department. Man, they did so amazing and so I had to thank them for doing it such short notice and being so amazing about it all. It was even more special for me because Chelsea said they never really had a lot of super pretty images taken when they got married so now she could pay and pretend and feel like a pretty bride again. She Rocked it! You guys should also check out her Makeup page @complimentsofchels she does amazing work! I mean, once again, LOOK AT HOW PRETTY SHE IS! 

So, we decided to head up the mountain one cold Sunday evening. The fall colors were just about all dead which was awful sad. Just the weekend before it was almost not enough to show all the pretty colors. Normally there are tons of yellows, oranges, and reds… but it went yellow then all died! I wonder if it got too cold too fast. But either way they were so fun and so sweet together. We laughed and teased and played and it was a blast for me. I really hope they love their images and I hope I can work with them again in the future! 

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